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Chuka Book

So I have my son over and we were talking and one of the things he brought up in our conversation was a thought that he and Ed Young were discussing.

Ed has written and still continues to write articles about the Chuka system that we post here on our web page. He has written about his experiences and/or input he has received from Myself, Si Tai Gung Wong, Si-Hing Chin and his fellow instructor's in his training.

Si Tai Gung Wong, Si-Hing Chin and I have and still continue to use Idioms and Analogies to explain some training methods in away that some students or a particular student can relate to, so as to better help them understand the mechanics or philosophies of the system and our teachings.

For instance, even though he didn't know much about the workings of an automobile per say, Si Tai Gung Wong had used an Analogy of how important the "Air" in a cars tires is very important to it’s proper ride, control and operation. He used this Analogy in context with the "Air" or "Dan Tien" in our kung fu system. The way he explained the comparison to me really hit home and helped with my philosophy and understanding of "Dan Tien".

That being said, knowing of the crossroads I have come to in my life at this time; Sifu Ed and my son had spoke of me writing a book about the Chuka system. This book would be a different format than most though, much like Bruce Lee's Tao of Jeet Kune Do, the book would entail cliff notes, picture clips, analogies and philosophical aspects and mechanics of the system from my 30 year journey in the Chuka System. This book would not only contain my teachings and thoughts though, it would also entail accounts and teachings as explained to me and/or my students by Si Tai Gung Wong, Si-Hing Chin, my students Sifu's Ed Young, Joe Riva, my son Lil' Tony and Senior Instructor Joel Gunderson.

 The purpose would be so the system can be seen through the eyes and training of many of our journeys in hopes that even though we are all learning the same Chuka System as taught by Si Tai Gung Wong, but each and everyone's personal milestones, triumph's and even failures to better help future students through their journey of the Chuka System.

I have agreed and decided to move forward with the writing of this book to take a student through many, many years of training, changes in their training as they grow, why those changed may be necessary from being a beginner of the system to achieving Instructor levels of their training, teachings, defensive and fighting abilities.

When completed, I will have the book printed; I will first receive a proof copy from the publisher. If my students the current Sifu's, current students and I find it to be as useful to a students growth and to help them to better understand the importance of purity, respect and honor of continuing Si Tai Gung Wong's legacy and teachings of his family's Chuka system as taught to him by his Uncle, my So-Ji and then passed down to myself, I will then have the book published for student's to purchase and for public sales.



Please check back here on our web page or on our facebook page for future details.



           Tony Blum - Sigung of the Chuka Tong Long Gung Fu Kwoon


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