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Article 2




In the last chapter we focused on the internal "Air" aspects of ChuKa Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. This time we will explore the polar opposite with the hard external conditioning Mantis practitioners must endure. Both the internal and external are needed to make a Kung Fu system whole.

Article 2 - "Conditioning"
By Sifu Ed Young - October 2013


In the Chicago suburbs during the fall of 1984, Sigung Blum was first introduced to the Chuka Southern Praying Mantis system through Si-Hing Eddie Chin. Having previously trained in other martial arts Sigung Blum had a friendly sparring match with Eddie and was impressed with his abilities. He was even more impressed when he found out that Eddie had only been training for 8 months. Sigung Blum was hooked and Eddie said that he would introduce him to Si Tai Gung Master Wong.

Interview with Sifu Tony Blum
November 2010

Chuka Philosophy, Mechanics, Conditioning & Concepts​

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