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This interview was conducted over the phone and via e-mail with Sigung Blum.

Afticle 3 - "Dui Da - Basic Exercises" - Coming Soon!


Article 2 - "Conditioning" - By Senior Instructor Ed Young


Article 1 - "Air - Don Tien" - Located in "Student Only" page!

Chuka Concepts

Ed Young - Joe Riva - Lil' Tony - Sigung Tony Blum  2014

Interview with Sigung Blum

November 2010

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Sifu's continue your work on your "Feel" and Nei Gung exercises.


Gents continue to work on your conditioning and developement ideas from last class, also continue work on your input from Si-Hing Chin!



The Red Sash - Sifu Ceremony was a great success!


Congratulations to the Chuka Systems newest Sifu's Ed Young, Lil' Tony Blum III and Joe Riva!



The Mantis Tactical Combative's based Shuriken throwing, Archery  and Knife defense seminar's. Coming Soon! Watch for details!








~Sigung Tony Blum​


Sifu's & Instructor

Words of the Sifu's

  Learn Benevolence, Justice and Kung Fu

Respect your Master and their Instructions

                   Coming Soon!!!!!

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