Flexible for traditional wushu training. Tapper wood, thinner on top. The cudgel or wooden stick is called the "father of all weapons" meaning all other weapons were developed from it. Among the most commonly used are chopping, swinging, jabbing, hanging, jumping, leaping, smashing, pointing, blocking, sheltering, holding, piercing, floating, carrying, poking, and lifting. The different schools of cudgel play have different emphasis. Cudgel is played as quickly as heavy rainfall and cudgel play combines offence with defense, always changing the ways of play. The Shaolin cudgel is made up of a white wax wood. That only grows in Northern China. This wood is used because of the flexibility and spring-like quality.

Southern Cudgel(Nan Gun) Waxwood Staff(Pole)

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  • Measurement:

    Top diameter is 1 inch
    Bottom diameter is 1.4 inches
    Weighs about 2.3 pounds
    Length: 78 Inches.