SAFETY YELLOW w/Black Rubber Inserts

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Ronin Yellow Folding Training Knife

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    Designed to make your training more effective by adding the psychological aspect of handling an assault with a realistic folding blade! The Ronin Gear Practice Folding Knife features a 3.4" blade made of stainless steel, that flips out with one hand, and liner locks into place, further enhancing the reality of an actual knife. The Ronin Gear Practice Folding Knife is 4.75" closed, and is made with the similar size, weight, and shape of most knives on the street (like Benchmade or Spyderco). The blade is completely dull, with a rounded blunt-nose tip to maintain the safety that a rubber or wooden knife provides, while adding the very real psychological aspect of an attack with an edged weapon.

    (Blade CANNOT be sharpened!)

    With this knife you can practice disarming techniques and create different scenarios of attack.

    Perfect for martial arts schools, police departments and military training. Has a sleek, attractive design with rubber inlays in the handle for better retention, and a belt clip for easy access.

    There are no sharp edges to cause serious injury. Caution: Always train under proper supervision!